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Susan hale

Susan Hale is an award-winning educator, former Corporate America professional trainer, and now homeschooling mom who focuses on providing easy-to-use, professional-looking homeschool record-keeping and transcript tools as well as numerous online self-paced and online live instructor-led interactive computer courses. 

Susan has a passion for organization and a knack for breaking down big tasks into small, manageable steps that allows her to help reduce the busyness of today’s homeschool families. When she couldn’t find robust, yet easy-to-use and flexible, record-keeping and transcript tools, she created her own using Microsoft Excel. Her goal was to give parents one easy-to-use tool with up to 19 different record-keeping reports. Parents can use as few or as many of the reports desired. And, her transcripts…simply answer the questionnaire and the transcript is created. It’s just that easy! And, the transcripts even tabulate both the weighted and unweighted GPAs!

She also offers several online computer software classes that target independent-learning in a fun and interactive manner to ease the need for a parent-taught curriculum. The classes teach skills that help students during school as well as in their future careers. Courses that teach skills for the real world using today’s most popular software programs…Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, & more.

Susan and her husband of twenty-eight years have three children and are passionate about homeschooling. They live in the south surrounded by family and the wonderful smell of sea air.  

Connect with Susan online at or via Facebook at Homeschooling Super Moms.

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