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Sameera Mohammad is an accomplished homeschooling mother with a decade of real-life experience. Sameera is a mother of four children of which,   two have successfully homeschooled their way to US high school diplomas and now studying in universities. Sameera has been a guest speaker on the Pakistani television show “Nadia Khan” on programs on homeschooling. She has also been a guest speaker at conferences on homeschooling in UAE and Russia and her journey has been covered by Friday Magazine in UAE by Gulf News.

She has recently launched my YouTube channel in Urdu “Parhai by Samz” with an aim to spread awareness about various aspects of homeschooling, children's mental health and safety issues. Her initial target audience being the mothers who have suddenly been tasked to undertake schooling from home due to the ongoing pandemic.

Once a banker by profession, she now keeps busy with various home-schooling projects and support groups. Sameera is a passionate follower of innovations in learning concepts and is an ardent supporter of educational activities in the U.A.E. She nurtures the strengths of her children by finding platforms in which they can flourish. Her two younger children are in grades 7 and 5 and both have been homeschooled since kindergarten.

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