minesh and kim baxi – How To Homeschool And Run A Successful Business At The Same Time 

Minesh and Kim Baxi's Session Is Available On Sunday, July 19 from 6AM EST




minesh and kim baxi

Minesh and Kim Baxi are entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and homeschooling parents in the Detroit area.

They have published 9 books including Stop Hiring Losers.  Minesh and Kim have been married for over 28 years and enjoy a flexible, fun lifestyle with their two children (12 years old and 16 years old). 

They travel 3 to 6 months a year with their two kids, having been to DisneyWorld over 200 times in the last 5 years and to other beautiful places like Hawaii, Taj Mahal etc. Minesh and Kim are passionate about teaching and mentoring families in the area of Money Mastery. 

Connect with Minesh and Kim:

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