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about jamie heston

Jamie is a 12 year veteran Bay Area eclectic, secular homeschooler of two gifted teens, homeschool community leader and consultant, and Board Member/Secretary/Treasurer for the Homeschool Association of California (HSC). She has been part of the legislative, newsletter, and conference teams for HSC, as well as the Phone Line Coordinator/Volunteer for 10 years answering practical and legal questions regarding homeschooling for the organization. She also moderate a local homeschool support group, Bay Area Gifted Homeschoolers, and am the founder of the google support group, Bay Area Homeschool Activity Scene (BAHAS). She is passionate about helping parents discover how to homeschool and am a proponent of self directed learning and as such, am a Homeschool Consultant. 

Jamie created and run East Bay Area Nerf, a monthly nerf battle, in the Bay Area, and Foamwar, Inc., a nonprofit that hosts an annual weekend long nerf event called Ragnarocktoberfest each October with a team of volunteers.

Previously, she was the President and on the board of the East Bay Area moms support group, F.U.N. Mothers Club, and before that, she was an Executive Assistant to the CEO of a high tech company in Silicon Valley.

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