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deven vasko – How To Become A Professional Home Educator

Deven Vasko’s Session Is Available On Sunday, July 19 from 6AM EST


about deven vasko

Deven Draughon Vasko is a Graduate of the University of South Alabama. She is a missionary from the deep south. She has been married 20 years to Nicolai Vasko, a goodlooking Belarusian born in the former Soviet Union.

She has homeschooled for over 15 years, educating their 5 wild Belarussian-American children ranging from an 18 yo graduate to a 4 yo preschooler.

Her passion is for bringing hope and inspiring professionalism in mothers. She sees every mother as the essential element to the success of her home. You can find her at professionalhomeeducator.com

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