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about bernadette nozarian

My name is Bernadette Nozarian. I live in France. I am a homeschooler and mother of 2 daughters. Even though they are grown-up now (27 and 22 years old) I stay still involved in the homeschooling community, because in my opinion, homeschooling is not a way of teaching, but a way of living. So, when you are a homeschooler, it is forever. .

I wrote university studies and papers for the general public and chapters of books about homeschooling, and a book entitled: Apprendre sans aller à l'école Homeschooling, unschooling : les choix et la vie quotidienne des familles.

For at least a dozen years, I have been and I still am the national research reference for French homeschooling associations. That means that students, who wish to study homeschooling and meet families, contact me, and I make a connection between them. I also co-supervised university Master’s exams about homeschooling. (I myself have a Doctorate.) 

Like many homeschooling parents, I am also a teacher, and I am still active as one. Usually, I teach French to foreigners, but also French literature and language, and critical thinking. 

With one of my daughters, it was one of her 20th birthday presents, we found a company, named L'Ydeh. That sounds like l'Idée, the Idea.  It is a marketing and communications company because she has studied communication. We communicate especially in the field of alternative education, with a revue, webinars, films-meetings and short dossiers.

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